Couple Goals


‘Couple Goals’

Upon seeing the interaction between these two gibbons of different species during a visit to ’Monkey World’ Dorset, I was compelled to try and capture their relationship. ‘Ella’ is a Lar Gibbon in her mid thirties and her toy-boy is ‘Fox’ a 25 year old Mueller’s Gibbon. These two primates have been through such difficulties in their lives in Taiwan, Vietnam and Russia. Oak leaves signify the rural England in which these immigrants found safety. In the troubled times we live in it gives hope that even though they should never have met they have been rescued to find happiness together.


Original hand-drawn images are scanned, manipulated and digitally printed. Hand embroidered with an array of threads in simple but expressive stitches. Layered onto the wool filling before machine embroidery. Washed to achieve the differential shrinkage quilted texture.

Price: £5,000


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The artwork is backed with a velcro strip sewn to the top lining ready for hanging. The corresponding velcro is supplied to be attached to wall on a wooden baton with mirror plate screws.Size

Height (cm) – 115

Width (cm) – 165


Digitally printed 100% Polyester ‘Faux Silk’, 100% pure wool filling, 100% digitally printed Cotton backing. Cotton, linen, bamboo, polyester, viscose and acrylic threads.

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Dimensions 115 × 165 cm