Hi, I'm Nigel. I draw and sew and moan... a lot!

I appreciate you taking the time to find out a little more about what I do.I was born in Market Harborough, Leicestershire, in the late 60’s and spent my school days in Peterborough before studying in Cambridge and Manchester Polytechnic (now MMU) for a degree in Embroidery and Masters in Textiles. Having worked with all forms of textile art and design since the age of 14 I am always passionate about the work that I make. Drawing is central to my practice. I love researching new themes and using my skills to tell stories through cloth. Having spent 25 years as a University Lecturer in Dublin I retired from full time teaching in 2017 to return home to Leicestershire and focus on my own practice and have more time with my family.

I am determined that everything I make is unique and as sustainable as realistically possible. ‘Slow textiles’ is a clue to the fact that these are labours of love and do not appear with haste or speed. Fabrics are always printed with reputable printers in the UK with environmentally sound processes and many of the vintage fabrics have been sourced with meticulous care to ensure that although they have been preloved their repurposing means they will escape becoming landfill. The techniques I use are always labour intensive and the products reflect many, many hours of work. Thank you for helping to support my dreams and allowing me to carry on this creative journey. I am a maker. I strive for perfection but also celebrate the differences that are inherent in a hand process.

I strive to develop produce cutting edge art works for an International audience. Alongside this I am a Designer and my design practice is driven by a desire to make ‘future heirlooms’; objects that are loved and cherished for generations. With interests across all sectors of contemporary lifestyle my work encompasses the body and built environment. 

Commissions are always welcome, and I am happy to discuss the benefits you would like for the budget you have. My work is often driven by narrative and history, the natural world always appeals and much of my imagery comes from birds, animals and flowers. People’s pets offer continued fascination and there are opportunities for the inclusion of specific species or even pet portraits within the work.

As a member of the Embroiderer’s Guild I enjoy sharing my work and technical knowledge. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in booking my services for Lectures or Workshops.

Thank you for taking the time in this busy world to look at my work.