Greetings to those cocooning, bubbling and fellow self-isolators…

Detail from Under the Ivy

Hi everyone, strange times for all of us. I hope you and yours are well in mind and body. Sewing helps me. Being creative helps.

At the moment there are no future plans. All the lectures, workshops and exhibitions I have been working towards for the last 6 months are cancelled or postponed. I will update when there is some definite and hopefully positive news.

My online shop is in lock-down as I can't guarantee to get anything in the post to anyone at the moment. I do have a lot of stock of small mounted works that I will try and get online in the near future.

Please see my Instagram feed for regular updates on the sewing as it happens. Goodness knows when anyone will ever see it in the thread but I am a busy boy.

In the meantime enjoy the past. The archive of the last few years is all on here.