New Romantics


Goldilocks & The Three Bears

The Story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears is an inspiration and a context, but subverted and not a direct illustrative response. The work often explores ambiguous territories where childlike phrases are reinterpreted and juxtaposed. I intend to explore the idea of the forest before goldilocks arrives at the cottage.

A passion for the unsettling taxidermy in Natural History museums and the often surreal dioramas used to display them. The stylisation of a woodland or forest context, a forest full of strange spiky trees, or delicate flowers, as a backdrop to the primitive nature of the personification of animals, imbuing them with personality and character. The project explores the recurring idea of the trinity, of three, of before, during after: of male/female/child, of too big, small, just right. The imagery will be developed towards digital prints on fabric and then embroidered and quilted.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Goldilocks.  She went for a walk in the forest.  Pretty soon, she came upon a house.  She knocked and, when no one answered, she walked right in. 

 At the table in the kitchen, there were three bowls of porridge. Goldilocks was hungry.  She tasted the porridge from the first bowl. 

 "This porridge is too hot!" she exclaimed.

So, she tasted the porridge from the second bowl.

"This porridge is too cold," she said

So, she tasted the last bowl of porridge.

"Ahhh, this porridge is just right," she said happily and she ate it all up.

After she'd eaten the three bears' breakfasts she decided she was feeling a little tired.  So, she walked into the living room where she saw three chairs.  Goldilocks sat in the first chair to rest her feet.   

"This chair is too big!" she exclaimed.

So she sat in the second chair.

"This chair is too big, too!"  she whined.

So she tried the last and smallest chair.

"Ahhh, this chair is just right," she sighed.  But just as she settled down into the chair to rest, it broke into pieces!

Goldilocks was very tired by this time, so she went upstairs to the bedroom.  She lay down in the first bed, but it was too hard. Then she lay in the second bed, but it was too soft. Then she lay down in the third bed and it was just right.  Goldilocks fell asleep.

 As she was sleeping, the three bears came home. 

 "Someone's been eating my porridge," growled the Papa bear.

"Someone's been eating my porridge," said the Mama bear.

"Someone's been eating my porridge and they ate it all up!" cried the Baby bear.

"Someone's been sitting in my chair," growled the Papa bear.

"Someone's been sitting in my chair," said the Mama bear.

"Someone's been sitting in my chair and they've broken it all to pieces," cried the Baby bear.

 They decided to look around some more and when they got upstairs to the bedroom, Papa bear growled, "Someone's been sleeping in my bed,"

"Someone's been sleeping in my bed, too" said the Mama bear

"Someone's been sleeping in my bed and she's still there!" exclaimed Baby bear.

 Just then, Goldilocks woke up and saw the three bears.  She screamed, "Help!"  And she jumped up and ran out of the room.  Goldilocks ran down the stairs, opened the door, and ran away into the forest.  And she never returned to the home of the three bears.


Memory Box

These are initial ideas exploring the idea of memory. Based on old documents, books and packaging. These were collected from a variety of sources, some have personal significance in themselves as they come from family members, whilst others have a resonance due to their historical nature or the place where I found them. All have decorative qualities made up of both the original design and the way time has affected the surfaces. Simple photography and photoshop layering techniques are the starting point.


Smoke Gets In Your Eyes




The Forest