For Mr. William O’Brien and his legacy of technical ferocity, wisdom and spirit through several generations.

Acrylic and oil gazes on board 60 cm x60cm


A new canon of paintings based on observations of garden birds this summer.

Acrylic and oil gazes on board 60 cm x60cm.


Rabbit Moon

This project was carried out in connection with the Art and Design Faculty of Manchester Metropolitan University.

Travelling to Manchester, the aim was to first produce a unique surface quality on which to wor utilizing the Schiffli machine housed in the college.

Cheney’s Rabbit Moon references the Aztec legend of the gods Nanauatl and Tecciztecatl who, according to tradition, became the sun and moon.

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The Mechanical drawing project (NCAD)

Shirt of Nessus

This work was made for the waterfront Hall exhibition by D-I-V-A in January 2007

I remember clearly drawing a shirt on a hanger when I was 16. It was one of the most detailed drawings I had ever done and the fascination of the shadows and subtle indications of form, the details of stitches, shape and construction all combined in a fascinating way. I have returned to the shirt as a vehicle many time times.

In this instance I wanted to explore the idea of elongation, stretched, distorted and ghost like. The scene in bedknobs and broomsticks where the clothes become animated and take arms against the invading forces is spectacular. I wanted to make the shirt look simultaneously worn but unworn. That the shadows showed a figure, but the collar was empty of a human neck.