Una Terra Perpetua

Series of paintings and drawings produced for an exhibition in Italy entitled Una Terra Perpetua, which literally means perpetual earth, or in this case Land Beyond Time

Grumpy Old Men - Generals & Majors

The island cemetery in Venice ‘Cimitero’ is full of an army of pompous old generals, immortalized in bronze busts. I wanted to reanimate these and give them a new life.

Through the Looking Glass

The Siouxsie and the Banshees album of cover versions (1987) proved a formidable challenge. This series of paintings referenced a range of song lyrics that looked at the idea of reanimation.


Hilary's Hand

This piece was made in response to the gift of a pair of antique white kid gloves, they were developed as an alternative approach to the wearable/unwearable exhibition and are in the private collection of Hilary Cahill.