Ormeau Baths Gallery - "Criminally Vulgar"

I find that it is impossible to work without a surrounding ‘comfort blanket’ of noise; indeed the rhythm of the work itself is a dialogue between the sounds I hear and the colours of the yarns and fabrics in my hands. This work is predominantly process led, grounded in tradition and a passion for cloth and textile craftsmanship, with a striving for technical excellence.

The ability to combine a wide variety of historical techniques is an essential part of the ‘act of making’. I attempt to reflect on historical processes such as blackwork, voiding, appliqué, counted thread work and other hand stitches, and reinterpret them through machine techniques and a contemporary aesthetic. The conflict between highly textured abstract works and a fascination with imagery has led me to explore the possibilities of juxtaposing and superimposing fragments of text. These eclectic images are digitally scanned, manipulated, transferred, and embroidered.

The resulting textile itself is often then rescanned and so the process repeats, like a refrain lingering in the subconscious long after the sound has faded. Textiles are worked, dissected, assembled, over printed, stitched and then worked again. These complex surfaces and textures are continually pulled apart and recomposed until I am satisfied that the compositions are in the discord and harmony I associate with their original audible inspiration. I see this work as a response to my record collection, and the events that these songs become the soundtrack to. The references should be obvious to anyone who has seen the collection.